2 Things to Do When Bringing Your New Puppy Home

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When you get a new puppy, you need to ensure that they have a safe and happy place to come when you bring them home. Leaving their family can be hard on a puppy, and being in a new space with many new smells, sounds, and people might overwhelm them. You can do several things that will help your puppy's first few days be as happy and stress-free as possible. 

11 October 2021

All Reptiles Need Heat And Light

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If you have always wanted to have a pet reptile, then you need to make sure that you have the right supplies so that the reptile you buy can stay healthy and happy. While some reptiles need to have some specialized things, there are several things that all reptiles are going to need to have.  Heating Sources Reptiles are ectothermic. That means that they can't generate their own warmth to maintain their body temperature.

26 May 2021

Why Should You Take Your Dog To The Groomer?

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Your dog needs to be groomed from time to time. They are going to need to be bathed, brushed, and groomed in other ways, depending on the breed of dog you have. Some other breeds or colors of dogs may require other care, such as special brushing, trimming, or getting their tear stains removed. If you aren't sure if your dog needs to be groomed, read on for a few reasons why you should.

15 January 2021