Toy Dog Breeds: Why They Are So Popular

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In the last decade there has been a rise in demand for toy dog breeds. Everything from toy chihuahuas to toy aussie dogs for sale can be had, if you are looking for a toy breed. There are actually several good reasons why toy dog breeds are so popular.

They Are Very Cute and Look Like Puppies

Everyone loves cute little puppies, but puppies of standard-sized dogs grow up. Then you no longer have that cute little puppy. With toy breeds, the dogs always stay small, like puppies. The draw, of course, is the fact that even your adult toy dog will always be small and always look like a cute puppy.

They Get Along Much Better with Cats

Big dogs tend to chase the family cat, much to the frustration and irritation of your cat. However, toy dog breeds are more often better-received by your cat because the toy dogs, like toy Aussies, are the same size or smaller than the cat. The cat does not see the dog as a threat, and both your toy dog and the cat may develop a close bond.

They Are Easier to Take on Board a Plane

Airlines currently allow small therapy pets to accompany owners on airplanes. Toy dogs fall well within the size range restrictions that airports and airlines have established for flight with pets. Your toy dog will still have to ride in the plane in its own little bag or pet carrier, but it is much more fun and less expensive than boarding your pet while you are away.

They Are Easier to Walk and Easier to Control

You do not take big dogs for a walk; big dogs take you for a walk, or so the saying goes. Big dogs are also harder to control in public, putting their owners at risk of lawsuits. If you have a toy dog, the worst it can do is nip someone. Yet, because you can easily pick up a toy dog and carry it under your arm, you cannot really lose control of it at any time.

They Make Less Mess

Big dogs make large fecal messes. Little dogs make tiny little messes. Since the idea of "poop scooping" often leaves many people gagging at the sight of large messes, these dog owners select much smaller dogs because there is far less to scoop or pick up. In fact, you can even train toy dogs to use a cat box, which makes this whole waste issue less of a problem!

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22 August 2017

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