Yorkie Puppies: The Breed You Have Been Looking For

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A Yorkshire terrier, often called a Yorkie, is one of the most popular purebred dogs in the United States. If you ever notice that there are Yorkie puppies for sale in your area, you should act fast if you want one. Yorkie puppies are often sold quickly. This is due to the fact that Yorkies have many distinguished qualities including but not limited to: Their Size Yorkies are generally 8-9 inches tall at the shoulder, while their ideal weight is between 4 and 6 lbs.

23 October 2019

Reasons To Take Your Dog To The Vet

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Like people, dogs need to visit the doctor from time to time for routine well care. But there are also times when your dog may not be feeling well and requires a visit to see what is going on. Here are some common reasons people take their canine buddy into the vet. Check-Ups and Shots Every year your dog needs a routine checkup as you do. The veterinarian will look your dog over, may run some tests, and will let you know if they have any concerns or if the dog is healthy.

20 February 2019