Is A Labrador Retriever The Right Dog For Your Family?

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If you are trying to figure out which dog breed is best for your family and you are considering a Labrador Retriever, then you want to ask yourself these questions:

Do you have plenty of time to spend with a dog?

There are some dog breeds who do relatively better left on their own and then there are others who love to be around their family. A Labrador Retriever is a real people dog and they relish time with their people. If you are gone away at work all day with the kids in school and the dog will be alone a lot, then a lab may not be best. However, if you have a lifestyle that allows you to take your dog with you, someone is home most of the day or you can arrange your schedule to accommodate their people needs, then a Labrador Retriever is a great choice.

Do you have a yard?

A Labrador Retriever is a relatively large breed of dog and they have a lot of energy to burn off in their first few years of life. After they fully mature, they can calm down to where a few daily walks a day may work for them, but as younger dogs, they should have a yard to burn off all their energy in. If you have a very active lifestyle where you can work around the yard issue by taking them on plenty of hikes, spending a lot of time at the dog park and doing other types of physical activities, then you may be a great home for a lab. This breed can get overweight also if they aren't allowed to do a good deal of calorie burning activities.

Do you want a guard dog?

If you are looking for more of a guard dog that you can keep in the yard to keep out intruders, then a lab will not be the right fit. They are dog's who are generally friendly and who love to please their families, as well as lay at their feet during a good portion of the day.

Do you have young children?

If you are looking for a dog that will be good with your children, then you will be glad to learn that Labrador Retrievers are fantastic kid dogs. They will play with the kids, cuddle with them and may even follow them around and help keep them occupied during the day. They are also very tolerant of being climbed on and their larger size makes them more resilient around little ones.

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26 August 2017

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