Safety Tips For Your Dog This Summer

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Summer is the time to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather with family and friends. For your furry buddy though, it can be a dangerous time of year. All of that fur combined with the heat of summer and scorching sun can make your dog too hot and can lead to heat stroke. It's important to take good care of your pup during these hot months. See below for some safety tips for your dog this summer.

Provide Plenty Of Water

Whether your dog is an outside dog or a pampered pooch inside, he needs plenty of water during those hot summer days. Make sure his bowl is filled with water so he always has water to drink. Empty the bowl and fill with fresh water, especially if the bowl is outside. An outside bowl can get dirt, dust, and bugs inside, so give him fresh water.

Give Shade

The temperature outside can be hot if you're in the sun and cooler in the shade. The same goes for your pup, so be sure he has plenty of shade to cool off on a hot, sunny day. If you don't have trees in your yard, use a patio umbrella or sail shade, or create some shade with a sheet. 

Bring Dogs Inside

On really hot and humid days, it's best to bring in your pups from outside, as even the shade can be extremely hot. Your dog could get too hot and dehydrate in hot and humid weather. 

Keep Dogs At Home

You may feel like bringing your dog along with you on rides to the store or to run errands, but your furry pal can get really hot in the car, even with the air conditioning on. It's best to keep him at home instead of bringing him along for the ride. Also never leave your dog inside a car, even with the engine running and windows down. He'll be safer at home.

Stay Off Of Hot Pavement

Your dog's paws are sensitive, so if the pavement is too hot to the touch, it's too hot for your pup's paws as well. Walk your pup in the grass instead of on pavement, or try to walk your pup in the early morning or later in the evening when the pavement isn't as hot. 

Keep your furry buddy safe in the summer, try to limit exercise on really hot days, provide plenty of water and shade, and watch for signs of heat stroke or dehydration (excessive panting, vomiting, lethargy). If you notice any signs of heat stroke, be sure to contact an animal hospital right away.


14 September 2017

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