Taking Your Dog Camping: Safety Tips To Consider

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Your dog is a great companion for outdoor exploration. Many families enjoy taking their pets camping during the summer months. However, you need to make sure you provide safety for your pet as you're enjoying the great outdoors. Here are some tips to help your dog avoid any health problems or injuries during your camping trip. 

1. Check daily for ticks.

Ticks can make people sick, and they have the same effect on dogs. Your dog can also catch diseases like Lyme or tick paralysis, and ticks have an easy time hiding on a dog. Each day, check your dog carefully. Look in "hidden" areas like behind the ears, in the skin folds of the neck, and in the crevices of the paws between the toes. Remove ticks carefully. If you are worried about incidents of Lyme disease in your area, you can bring the tick to the vet to be tested to make sure your dog was not affected. 

2. Stay safe during the heat of the day.

Dogs can experience heat exhaustion and heat stroke, but sometimes people don't realize their dog might be suffering. If you're camping or hiking during a heat wave, you should take care to watch for signs of trouble. Dogs who are in the heat danger zone will pant more, they may appear less energetic or lethargic, they may not have an appetite, and their heart rate will increase. They can even spike a fever if they do not regulate their temperature. Dogs with short snouts like pugs and bulldogs are especially at risk.

When camping, make sure your dog always has a cool, shady place to rest. Make sure they always have access to water, even when you're hiking or exploring. 

3. Take wildlife threats seriously.

Camping allows you to experience all sorts of wildlife, but you don't want your dog injured or even killed because of exposure to wild animals. Kennel your dog at night, and if possible, allow your dog to sleep with you in your camper or tent. Dogs should not sleep leashed outside in areas where bears, lions, or smaller predators (like foxes and weasels) are active. Your dog should also not roam freely, even if there is not leash rule at your campsite. Porcupines and skunks are most active at dusk, and dogs can get themselves into trouble by curiously investigating these animals.

For more information, contact a local vet office like Animal House Veterinary Hospital.


5 June 2018

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