Caring for Your English Bulldog

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If you're considering getting an English bulldog puppy, you need to keep in mind that they are different than most other dog breeds—and not just because they're so stinking cute, but because of the wrinkles that are on their bodies. These body wrinkles can get moist and accumulate dirt or even yeast, which can lead to an infection. These infections can occur around the face or even on the backside of your dog. Because of this, it's important to take extra care of your English bulldog's skin. Read on for tips to care for your dog's skin.

Wash Your Dog's Skin Daily

Clean your dog's skin daily or a few times per week if doing so daily is too difficult. Wipe the folds of your dog's skin using a cotton ball and baby oil, or you can use baby wipes that don't contain alcohol. Clean the wrinkles around your dog's face and mouth, as well as the wrinkles near your dog's tail. Don't rub too harshly to clean out the dirt, but clean them thoroughly. The dirt in the folds can not only begin to smell, but they can also lead to skin infections.

Brush Your Dog's Coat

Brush your dog's coat to help remove shedding fur. Removing the shedding fur can help prevent a buildup in the skin folds and can also prevent odors. Also, be sure to watch out for skin issues such as fleas, ticks, or scabbing. If you notice any skin problems, be sure to bring them up to your veterinarian. Don't ignore skin problems in your dog, catching these issues before they become a much bigger problem is important.

Clean Your Dog's Ears

Your English bulldog's ears can also accumulate dirt and dander, which can lead to an infection. Clean your dog's ears out with a cotton ball soaked with white vinegar. You will also need to clean inside the folds of the ear. Don't try to reach too far into the ear canal, or you could damage the canal or your dog's hearing. Also never try to use a q-tip or anything smaller than a cotton-ball to clean the ears. Clean around your dog's ears if your dog has folds near the ears.

English bulldogs should be cared for properly to prevent odors and skin infections. Talk to your veterinarian about other skincare tips for your English bulldog. If you spot an infection or any skin problems, take care of this right away to prevent the issues from worsening.


17 October 2018

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