Reasons To Take Your Dog To The Vet

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Like people, dogs need to visit the doctor from time to time for routine well care. But there are also times when your dog may not be feeling well and requires a visit to see what is going on. Here are some common reasons people take their canine buddy into the vet.

Check-Ups and Shots

Every year your dog needs a routine checkup as you do. The veterinarian will look your dog over, may run some tests, and will let you know if they have any concerns or if the dog is healthy. Sometimes that routine checkup will turn up a problem that you didn't know was there, but this allows the vet to treat your dog for it. It is important to find things early if there is a problem so you can head it off and get it resolved. 

Annual shots are also important for your dog. Not every shot they get has to be yearly, but there are some that are. The dog may not love the shots, but they are important to overall health, so be sure to follow the recommendations of the vet for what your dog needs each year. 

Sick Visits

Some of the most common reasons people take their dogs to the vet are not unlike reasons they go to the doctor. Here are some common reasons for a visit to the vet.


One of the most common reasons people take their dog to the vet is for prolonged diarrhea. If the dog has had diarrhea for more than a few days and is laying around, not acting like themselves, it is time to call the doctor. The problem could be a simple flu or related to a food change, but if it goes on too long, it can cause dehydration and malnutrition in your dog. 

Excessive Scratching

Skin conditions are another big concern. A dog that can't stop scratching may have dry skin and need something to help. Often this is caused by allergies to something in their food or environment and changing something simple will help. 

Unknown Growths

A growing concern with dogs is different forms of cancer. Many times if an owner finds a growth on the dog that was not there before, they will take the dog to the vet to have them check it out. 

Pain or Arthritis 

Older dogs can have arthritis or pain when moving. Often the vet can prescribe some anti-inflammatory medication to help. If the pain is from an injury or other condition, it can be a good indicator that will help the vet find the problem and help get your pooch through it. 

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20 February 2019

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