Beyond Size: Other Reasons To Bring Home A Bernese Mountain Dog

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Bernese mountain dogs are predominantly known for their size. These big dogs will tower over your average lab or golden retriever. Their fluffy coats make them look bigger than they are! Many people choose to adopt a Bernese mountain dog based primarily on their size. However, these dogs also have some other great characteristics. Here are some other reasons to consider bringing home a Bernese mountain dog.

They are very affectionate.

Most people, when they get a dog, are looking for a companion that will provide them with affection and love. Bernese mountain dogs are great for this. They tend to be very snuggly and affectionate with their owner and immediate family members. These are the kinds of dogs that will lay on the couch and watch TV with you, let you stroke their fur for hours, and curl up at your feet when you're in bed. They are gentle and loving with children as well as adults.

They are easy to train.

The bigger the dog, the more important it is that they are well trained. Thankfully, Bernese mountain dogs are rather easy to train. They catch on to patterns quickly. So, for example, if you give your dog a treat after he goes potty outside, he will very quickly learn to go potty outside. It will still be important to take your Bernese mountain dog to puppy classes and basic obedience classes when you get him, but you may not need to spend as much time in class as you would with another breed.

They are protective.

Bernese mountain dogs are good with strangers, especially if you socialize them early on. However, they do tend to know when their family is in danger or at risk, and they'll act protectively in situations like this. They are very in tune with your emotions and body language and will usually be able to tell whether or not you want a stranger around. As such, Bernese mountain dogs are likely to react negatively to an intruder, but not an extended family member who comes over for dinner. This really helps their owners feel safe and secure.

If you've seen Bernese mountain dogs for sale and are wondering if you should get one, the answer is probably "yes." These dogs are beloved for their size, but that's not all they have to offer. They are a truly affectionate, protective breed with a lot to give.

To learn more about Bernese mountain dogs, contact a breeder in your area.


7 November 2022

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