All Reptiles Need Heat And Light

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If you have always wanted to have a pet reptile, then you need to make sure that you have the right supplies so that the reptile you buy can stay healthy and happy. While some reptiles need to have some specialized things, there are several things that all reptiles are going to need to have.  Heating Sources Reptiles are ectothermic. That means that they can't generate their own warmth to maintain their body temperature.

26 May 2021

Why Should You Take Your Dog To The Groomer?

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Your dog needs to be groomed from time to time. They are going to need to be bathed, brushed, and groomed in other ways, depending on the breed of dog you have. Some other breeds or colors of dogs may require other care, such as special brushing, trimming, or getting their tear stains removed. If you aren't sure if your dog needs to be groomed, read on for a few reasons why you should.

15 January 2021

Yorkie Puppies: The Breed You Have Been Looking For

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A Yorkshire terrier, often called a Yorkie, is one of the most popular purebred dogs in the United States. If you ever notice that there are Yorkie puppies for sale in your area, you should act fast if you want one. Yorkie puppies are often sold quickly. This is due to the fact that Yorkies have many distinguished qualities including but not limited to: Their Size Yorkies are generally 8-9 inches tall at the shoulder, while their ideal weight is between 4 and 6 lbs.

23 October 2019

Reasons To Take Your Dog To The Vet

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Like people, dogs need to visit the doctor from time to time for routine well care. But there are also times when your dog may not be feeling well and requires a visit to see what is going on. Here are some common reasons people take their canine buddy into the vet. Check-Ups and Shots Every year your dog needs a routine checkup as you do. The veterinarian will look your dog over, may run some tests, and will let you know if they have any concerns or if the dog is healthy.

20 February 2019

Caring for Your English Bulldog

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If you're considering getting an English bulldog puppy, you need to keep in mind that they are different than most other dog breeds—and not just because they're so stinking cute, but because of the wrinkles that are on their bodies. These body wrinkles can get moist and accumulate dirt or even yeast, which can lead to an infection. These infections can occur around the face or even on the backside of your dog.

17 October 2018

Taking Your Dog Camping: Safety Tips To Consider

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Your dog is a great companion for outdoor exploration. Many families enjoy taking their pets camping during the summer months. However, you need to make sure you provide safety for your pet as you're enjoying the great outdoors. Here are some tips to help your dog avoid any health problems or injuries during your camping trip.  1. Check daily for ticks. Ticks can make people sick, and they have the same effect on dogs.

5 June 2018

5 Reasons To Take Your Dog To The Animal Hospital


There's no doubt that you love your pet. Having a dog in your life is sure to make it more enjoyable for you. Of course, the key to ensuring your dog has a long life will rest taking good care of it. Knowing some of the top reasons to pay the animal hospital a visit with your dog may be beneficial for you both. Reason #1: Vomiting Your pet shouldn't be vomiting at any time and if this does occur it's important to find out why.

1 March 2018

Four Tips For Feeding Your Ball Python Frozen Rodents

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Ball pythons should be fed mice that are about the same size as the thickest part of their body. While feeding your python live mice is more ideal i.e the hunt and natural skill development, feeding frozen is definitely more convenient and still keeps your snake fed regardless. It's even helpful for those who have a hard time dealing with live mice feedings. Here are four tips for feeding your ball python frozen mice:

27 December 2017

Canine First Aid Kit – Do You Have Yours Ready?

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You probably have a first aid kit to take care of human injuries, but are you prepared for a canine emergency? If you own a dog, you should own at least one first aid kit for him. Here, you will find information about what you should have on hand to treat your dog in the event of a medical emergency. First Aid Handbook for Dogs In the event of a medical emergency, you need to be able to make quick reference to information that will help you diagnose and treat the issues.

27 November 2017

Happy, Healthy Bunny: Five Tips For First-Time Rabbit Owners

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Since rabbits are small and often confined to cages, some people have the misconception that they are "easy" pets. But rabbits require a lot more careful care than a goldfish or a hermit crab. As a first-time rabbit owner, following these tips will help ensure your bunny stays healthy and happy.  Provide a chewing block. Rabbits' teeth keep growing and growing for their entire lives. They need to chew on something hard in order to wear their teeth down, or else the teeth may become overgrown, causing the rabbit pain.

6 October 2017